Do cats have a sense of humor?

My cat “ The Feisty Feline”  make me laugh everyday. Whether playing with her toys or seeing something excites her, I can’t help but laugh her cuteness. Watching my playful cat Lily, is far more entertaining to me than watching a comedy show on television. But do cats have a sense of humor?

Lily also appear to enjoy engaging in a variety of mischievous behaviours, but this could be merely an attempt to attract my attention rather than showing off her humorous side. And so, as far as science goes, it seems that cats are incapable of laughter and you can be comforted to know that your cat isn’t laughing at you.

Although our feline friends may not “smile” with their facial features like dogs do, it’s apparent to most cat owners that their cats enjoy laughter and humor. After all, how many times has your cat made you laugh (seemingly on purpose)?

And I have to admit, sometimes, I feel like my cat Lily, is laughing at me.