Does Your Feline Understand…I LOVE YOU!


Yes, your feline understand that you love them. They may not understand the words "I love you," but they can understand your actions and the way you treat them. When you pet your cat, play with them, and give them food and water, they know that you care about them. They also understand your body language and facial expressions. When you smile at them, they know that you're happy to see them. And when you give them a slow blink, they know that you're relaxed and comfortable around them.

Cats are very social animals and they need love and attention just like humans do. When you show your cat that you love them, they will return the love in their own way. They may purr, rub against you, or even knead your legs. They may also follow you around the house and want to be close to you.

If you're not sure if your cat loves you, just pay attention to their behavior. If they seem happy to see you, enjoy your company, and seek out your affection, then it's clear that they love you too.