New Kitten Checklist

Ready to bring home your new fur-baby feline. It’s imperative to know some basic supplies to have on han: it’s imperative to have some basic supplies on hand when you’re new pet kitten arrives: special formulated kitten food, a food dish, or time feeder, and a water fountain, a brush, a safety collar/harness with an ID or microchip, a scratching post, litter box,  and litter, a poop pail, and a cat bed and a travel carrier that’s secure for feline escape artist.


”THE” Feisty Feline aka Lily used these recommendations below it’s a great start for your new feline friend arrival home. 

This item from Petstages was and still is hit in the "THE" Feisty Feline's house. There's nothing that is more smoothing than hearing heart beat sounds. I really don't know how I passed the kitty party separation anxiety and those 3:00 am kitty zooms.