The cost to clone your pet.

I don't know if my mom would clone me. I don't think she could handle the Krazy Kitten Phase I went through in my tender years as "THE" Feisty Feline aka Lily my nick name is Feisty, and she tells me I am high maintenance  and a demanding and nosy and whiner feline. I'm just fierce, feisty and fabulous!  I think my mom would rather use the money to help many feisty feline's in the world than clone me. What if the clone doesn't have my sweetness or my feistiness? I am " THE Feisty Feline aka. Lily...  God broke the mold when he made me.

Let me know your opinion on would you spend the money on your pet to be cloned?

The price of cloning a pet has decreased significantly since the process became commercially available in 2004. In addition to delicate scientific processes, living donors and surrogates require care.

  • $50,000 is the current average cost of cloning one dog.
  • $25,000 is the average cost of cloning a cat.
  • $195 is the median cost of a biopsy or initial cell harvest.
  • $650 is the median price for cold storage of a pet’s harvested cells or DNA banking.
  • $100,000 was the minimum cost of cloning an animal in 2008 ($122,750 in 2020 dollars).
  • Adjusting for inflation, that’s a 60% price drop for dogs, and an 80% price drop for cats.
  • For $150,000, companies will use multiple immature, denucleated egg cells to guarantee a viable embryo.
  • $96,200 is the median cost between low- and high-end prices.