Vertical Space for Cats


Creating an enriched home environment for your indoor cats is needed for  environmental stimuli that satisfy their natural instincts, which promotes physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.  Cats need to be in control of their personal space. Giving your cat enough personal space will help it feel secure, may positively influence its social interactions with humans and other animals. 

Being up high gives a cat much needed comfort and security. Cats view their surroundings from a different perspective than people do. Cats, prefer checking out their surroundings from a high vantage point.

Climbing is a natural behavior in cats and can help keep them physically fit. Your cat instincts propel to jump, perch, climb, play, sleep, eat, hunt and claim their own territory.

Reasons cats need vertical territory

Height can help establish dominance and control of a particular space without having to physically engage in conflict, hence lessening aggression among cats in the same home.

Cats feel safe up high. In addition, if there are dogs or toddlers in the home, vertical space can be a great way to provide a feeding station up.

Vertical territory helps keeps cats warm. A frequently overlooked benefit of vertical territory  is temperature. Because heat rises, top perches and high shelves can become cozy place on cold winter days.

Although, cats who live indoors are safer than outside cats, they often become bored and gain weight. Vertical space with a perches at different heights inspire cats to jump and climb and provides hours of entertainment. 

Vertical Spaces in many forms

Cat owners can create vertical territory in many forms-------- You don't have to go into debt in order to satisfy your little feline needs to be up high. You can design your own or take advantage of household furniture. If you live in a small studio, you can help make your cat happy by providing your cat with surfaces at different heights. Instead of  ulky cat furniture, secure shelves up high around the perimeter of the room. 


Adding a vertical wall space near a window is idea for small spaces.