Why cats like high places


Cats like high places for a number of reasons, including:

  • Safety: Being up high gives cats a sense of security. They can see predators coming from a distance, and they can also escape to a safe place if they feel threatened.
  • Prey: Cats are predators by nature, and they often hunt from high places. This gives them a better view of their prey, and it also allows them to ambush their prey from above.
  • Observation: Cats are curious creatures, and they love to observe their surroundings. Being up high gives them a better view of their environment, and it also allows them to see things that they might not be able to see from the ground.
  • Comfort: Cats often find high places to be comfortable. They may enjoy the feeling of being up high, or they may simply like the warmth that comes from being close to the sun.
  • Dominance: Cats are territorial animals, and they often use high places to mark their territory. By being up high, cats can see a wider area, and they can also make themselves more visible to other cats.

If you have a cat, it is important to provide them with plenty of high places to climb and perch. This will help them to feel safe, secure, and comfortable. You can provide your cat with high places by using cat trees, shelves, or even just the backs of chairs.