Time Spent with a cat is never wasted!

 My cat Lily and I both absolutely adore @WHISKER CITY products it’s helped me get through my kitty party nights!
And, what’s great is the customer service all know my phone number and name by heart at 2 @ Petsmart's I should own stock in both companies or send my cat to an Ivy League college.
Brushing the coat with this Whisker City Pin Cat Brush is the most important step of the grooming process and for best results should be done daily. For long hair breeds, brushing helps remove dead hair before it mats. Keep her purring, happy and healthy.
Scheduled brushing for bonding Cats spend 30-40% of their day grooming themselves. Help them out with a nice brushing. A brushing routine will help your cat love the brush
  • Brushing helps remove dead hair
  • Decreases the chance of hairballs
  • Brushing also spreads healthy oils
  • Promotes healthy coat and skin
  • Great bonding experience.
DESCRIPTION: Keep your kitty's skin and coat looking their best with the help of this Whisker City Pin Brush. Pamper and bond with your furry friend using this brush, which works gently to untangle hair and remove loose hair to keep her skin and coat healthy and beautiful. 
FEATURES:  Ideal for topcoat Rounded pins for comfort and safety Detangles long hair without irritating skin Secure grip Thumb dimples make it great for righties or lefties Includes: 1 Pin Brush Intended Pet(s): Medium/Long Hair Cats Advice for Use: This tool is designed to help prevent injury or harm to your cat's skin. A cat's skin is thinner than a dog's, and needs to be tended to with more caution.