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Feline CPR & First Aid

The Feisty Feline wants you and your cat business to be a success, which means being prepared for anything that might come your way, including medical emergencies. We can help you learn and understand feline CPR and First Aid so you can be prepared for your own cat or a cat you might be caring for. We want you to avoid panic and know what to do.

This course is great for cat owners as well as those already involved in a cat care business. Every cat owner should know what to do in the event of an emergency. Cat pet sitters, and groomers; this certification will give pet owners the reassurance that you've been professionally trained to handle an emergent situation.

This course teaches first aid techniques to address the most common emergencies that can occur with small and large dogs as well as cats.  This course will train you to notice abnormalities and detect early warning signs in pets. You will also learn essential pre-vet care and life saving techniques for those times when immediate action can make all the difference. The course is developed and taught by Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Bobbi Conner, a specialist in small animal emergency & critical care.

Ready to get started? We offer first time customer discounts, too! Reach out today! We can’t wait to meet you and your kitty! We’ll help however we can! 

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